Dr. Francisco José García Rodríguez

Dr. García is certified by the Mexican Psychiatric Association and has been since May 2005. After receiving his general medical education from the University of Guadalajara he went on to specialize in psychiatrics in Mexico City at the University National Autonoma of Mexico. He decided to have a sub-speciality in neuropsychiatrics at the same university. He continues to take workshops, courses and clinics from different related institutions in Mexico and of course attends regular symposiums and conferences.

His treatment of nervous disorders, depression, anxiety, panic, phobia, are to enumerate just some of his diverse areas of expertise. He closely coordinates patient treatment with both medication and physical rehabilitation. Dr Garcia treats local and visiting patients on a regular basis with his very warm and understanding personality of the problems derived from neurological issues. He is highly respected and sought after by his medical colleagues for consultations and advise.

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